How do they work?

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How do they work?

Drivers should check their mirrors every 8-10 seconds. So imagine the power of slogans and images that provide a sub-conscious reminder every 8-10 seconds to make conscious decisions that could save lives! Here’s how they work…


Our designs can be incorporated into each mirror on the vehicle during the manufacturing process to display a life-saving message to the driver each time they check their mirrors. They can be easily sized to fit each mirror of any make or model of cars, motorcycles, vans or heavy goods vehicle.


Our designs use subtle colours and clear font styles to avoid distracting the drivers or obstructing their view. And although drivers may not physically read the slogan each time they check their mirrors, the message becomes imprinted on their sub-conscious and influences their driving behaviour.


With lane `hogging` and `tail gating` becoming major problems on our roads, slogans such as “Don’t hog the lane” and “Keep your distance” are integrated into each mirror on the vehicle, with a different relevant slogan in each of the mirrors.